Vandamar Aeradir


- Description

  • Vandamar is a tall wiry elven man, long dark chocolate brown hair, and brilliant shimmering blue eyes. His face is always covered by a half balaclava that hides a portion of his family mark, known as the Mark of the Phoenix. He is kind-hearted by nature and carries himself with a proper, noble demeanor.

- The House of Aeradir

  • The House of Aeradir is one of the oldest noble families in Kyonin. They are the greatest wizardry family in elven history. The origins of the family is unknown but span far back before Earthfall. Legends about the Aeradir in Elven society are a many, but few still know the glorious tails of the past, those of which have been passed from generation to generation as bed time stories within the family itself. However the most commonly known epic tails and songs about the Aeradir have been told and sung about Lord Zillagras Aeradir and his wondrous battles against the Demon Lord Treerazer and his minions.
  • The family was also known to many people as the House of the Phoenix because many of their ancestors had a special bond with them as familiars, although these weren’t of the gargantuan form that many are familiar with. The most powerful of the Aeradir were able to create new forms of magic from their close bond with the creature. The only one however that was publicly known amongst their fellow nobles was the Mark of the Phoenix.
  • The Mark of the Phoenix
    • The Mark of the Phoenix to most doesn’t hold much significance since few outside the house know much about it. It was customary for each member of the house to cover their mark at all times. To those who have the rare chance to look upon one would familiarize it as a scare of sorts that burned a fiery red, and it was always in the some form of a phoenix. However to the House of Aeradir it meant much much more.
    • The Ceremony of the Phoenix was performed shortly after birth. A phoenix feather would be placed on the chest of the child and a secret spell know only to the Aeradir would be cast upon the child. The feather would burn bright red and a phoenix shaped form would appear on an unknown location on the child’s body. The location where the mark appeared said a great deal about the potential magical power that child could posses. They found throughout the generations that marks found on the upper chest and upper back had the most potential and had become the some of the most powerful wizards known to the elves of Kyonin. If the mark strayed to the shoulders, stomach, side of the body, or lower back they were still considered to have great potential but less so in comparison to the others. It was rare for a member of the family to have one on an arm or leg, which indicated even lesser potential, but once every few thousand years it would occur. There had only been one occasion however, in their long history, had the mark stretched from the child’s upper chest, up his neck, and onto the lower jaw. Lord Zillagras Aeradir was the most powerful wizard to date to come from this wizardry house. That was until Vandamar Aeradir was born.
  • Family Members
    • Lord Vanaron Aeradir – Father
    • Lady Neytiri Aeradir – Mother
    • Cadolliel Aeradir – Eldest son
    • Vandamar Aeradir – Second son
    • Saeriel Aeradir – Eldest daughter
  • Family Crest
    • A Phoenix

-Personal History

  • As custom, shortly after Vandamar’s birth the Ceremony of the Phoenix was performed. When his mark appeared the members of the house were astounded as Vandamar’s mark appeared. It was much larger than normal, the head of the phoenix was pointed up and started just below his left cheek bone. The body extended down to his upper chest. One wing extended around his left side and the other extended over his right shoulder. However the most astounding thing about this mark was the tail. It wrapped under his right armpit, climbed his back above his neck, and ended just below the top of his head. Any portion of the phoenix extending onto the face had never been seen before but the tail extending around the back and fanning out on the back of the head seemed absolutely impossible. As per the placement of the mark, the expectations of becoming the greatest wizard the family had ever seen was now placed upon Vandamar’s shoulders from birth. As his hair grew the tail of the mark was now impossible to see through its thickness.
  • Vandamar’s elder brother by 5 years was jealous of the attention Vandamar received from his parents and often teased and bullied him about how strange the mark made him look. Over the years Vandamar continued to grow in size, however, he remained very thin and physically was weaker than much of his keen. He was bullied often because he was always the weaker. He was also teased often about the balaclava he wore to cover his mark, which all the children knew nothing about. However he Vandamar began using magic at a young age and his talent in it made him crave to learn more.
  • His father mentored him in the arts of magic for many years. Vandamar showed a particular gift with illusion spells and began to learn more and more about the art. He became exceptionally talented at battlefield control and he grew more and more powerful as time went on. Shorty after his training with his father Vandamar heard the call from Restov for armsmen to help reclaim the Stolen Lands. He determined that this is where is journey to greatness must begin. Before he left his father gave him an heirloom that had been past down over the generations. It was a magical cane made of Darkwood inlaid with gold and gems. The cane also has a magical incantation upon it which allows it to appear as a regular cane upon command. It was found during a journey by one of his ancestors several millennia ago.

Vandamar Aeradir

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