Name Category Notes Location  
Bandit Prisoners Enemy

  • Bob the Bandit – Taken prisoner in the initial attack and has become very helpful.

  • 7 other bandits taken at the Thorn river camp.
Oleg’s Trading Post
Bokken the Hermit Friendly

  • A hermit a few hours from Oleg’s.
  • A mad man who makes potions.
  • Wants us to recover Fang Berries for him.
  • Provided restorative salves to cure Vandamar who now owes him a favor.
Bokken’s Hut – east of Oleg’s
Chief Sootscale Friendly

  • Chief of the Sootscale Kobolds
  • Loves Moon Radishes
  • In exchange for an alliance with us we recovered an idol of a demonic lizard for him that was “their god” bestowed by Tartook the Shaman. When we presented him the idol he promptly smashed it, declared the curse lifted and then he and the tribe proceeded to tear Tartook apart.
  • After visiting him again, he continues to be extremely friendly.
  • Open to the possibility of mining the old silvermines there as well as to trade.
Sootscale Caverns, South of Oleg’s
Davik Frienemy

  • Undead Ferryman at Davik’s Crossing
  • He wants the Staglord’s body thrown into the river for him to "watch"
Davik’s Crossing on the Shrike River  
Falgrim Sneeg Enemy

  • Bandit wanted by Kestin Garris
Unkown – Presumably with the Stag Lord Unknown
Garom Friend

  • Boggard with his giatn Sabertooth Frog Thing
His lair on the Stink River.  
Grabbles & Tickback Enemy (Dead)

  • Presumably a Mite chieftain who fought from the back of an enormous tick called Tickback.

Grabbles – Rotting in a cave.

Tickback – At the bottom of a crevasse that spews forth huge centipedes when angered.

Happs Bydon Enemy (Dead)

  • Now deceased bandit who lead the raid on Oleg’s Trading post where he was apprehended and later hung.
Hanging from the Palisade of Oleg’s Trading Post

  • Wandering Cleric of Erastil who has relocated to Oleg’s trading post.
  • After an unfortunate incident, he received a vision from Erastil that brought him to Oleg’s.
  • After the Temple of Erastil was reclaimed, Jhod relocated there to restore it.
  • He is now providing the party with free clerical services (not counting material costs).
Temple of Erastil
Kressle Enemy (Dead)

  • Bandit in charge of their camp at Thorn River.
  • Bitterly evil and disliked by her men. After she was forced to sleep, her men immediately surrendered.
  • She was summarily executed by Destin.
  • She dual wielded twin hand axes.
The ground where we left the dirty bitch.
Kesten Garris Friendly

  • Head of a troop of guardsmen sent from Restov to guard Oleg’s trading post.
  • Formerly of higher rank and prestige, but was embarrassed by the bandit Falgrim Sneeg whom he thinks is in the area working for the Stag Lord presumably.
Oleg’s Trading Post
Mikmek the Kobold Ambassador Friendly

  • Sootscale ambassador now residing in Oleg’s trading post.
Oleg’s Trading Post
Oleg Friendly

  • Master of Oleg’s Trading post.
  • Husband of Svetlana.
  • Has been running the trading post for 5 years because of his dislike for cities.
  • Assisted us in ambushing a group of bandits who were coming to “tax” his trading post.
  • Asked us to recover his wife’s lost wedding ring.
  • Initially was quite unfriendly for fear we would antagonize the bandits. However later became incredibly friendly.
Oleg’s Trading Post
Stag Lord Friendly

  • The Stag Lord is the head bandit for the area.
  • His base is in an unknown location.
  • Supposedly an incredible archer and very very strong.
  • Also likes very strong liquor.
Unknown Unknown
Svetlana Friendly

  • Wife of Oleg.
  • Very happy to see us and served us a dinner.
  • Requested that we secure her “Moon Radishes” to make a dinner for Oleg.
Oleg’s Trading Post
Tartook Enemy (Dead)

  • Shaman of Sootscale Tribe.
  • Was killed by the kobolds of the Sootscale tribe tearing him apart.
  • In truth was a reincarnated Gnome in kobold form. He was living his life moving from kobold tribe to kobold tribe to push them into more and more mayhem in order to be killed off.
  • We recovered a journal of his tortured path.
Probably a kobold’s cook pot


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