1. Bokken’s Hut
    1. Located just east of Oleg’s
    2. Home to the mad hermit Bokken
  2. Giant Sycamore
    1. A giant tree that is dead and nearly toppling over
    2. Home to a former delve of mights
  3. Oleg’s Trading Post
    1. Our home base
    2. Owned by Oleg and Svetlana
    3. Current NPCs in residence
      1. Kestin Gerris – Guard
      2. Jod – Priest of Erastil
      3. Oleg – Trader
      4. Svetlana – Trader
  4. Ruined temple to Erastil.
    1. Now restored and inhabited by Brother Jhod.
  5. Sootscale Cavern
    1. Delve home to a clan of Kobolds
    2. A former silver mine
  6. Davik’s Crossing

    1. A ruined ferry that is haunted by an undead ferryman.
  7. Gold Mine
  8. Fang Berry Patch

    1. In the middle of a web of spiders
  9. Statue to Erastil

    1. SW of The Temple of Erastil
  10. Burial Cairn

    1. An ancient buriel cairn to some barbarian
  11. Fairy’s Home

    1. To the west of Oleg’s, home to a Grig and Pseudodragon that tracked and taunted us for weeks.
  12. Dead Unicorn

    1. Near a fetid pond far to the southwest of Oleg’s, we found a unicorn that’d been killed by a death spell and it’s horn removed.
  13. Thorn River Camp

    1. A bandit camp formerly under the control of Kressle the bandit
  14. Bridge Across the Thorn River

    1. SE of the Thorn River Camp
  15. Thorn River Crossing

    1. SE of the bridge across the Thorn River
  16. Boggard’s Ruins

    1. On the Stink River, SW of the Temple of Erastil
    2. Home to Garum the Boggard who speaks damn little Common.

Resource Areas

    • Mines

      • Slver Mine – Sootscale Cavern
      • Gold Mine
    • Agriculture

      • Moon Raddish Patch
      • Fangberry Patch


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