Available Bounties

Available Bounties

  • Stag Lord
    • 5,000gp dead or alive to Restoy
  • Stag Lord

    • Davik the Undead Ferryman at the Shrike River Crossing wants his body (with or without head) thrown into the river.
  • Kill Tuskgutter – Completed
    • 6 enchanted arrows for the pig’s head
    • Vekkel Benzen – retired Hunter
  • Tatzylwyrm head – Completed

    • 600gp – Oleg
  • Falgrim Sneeg

    • Mercenary
    • Robbed Gerris and took all his stuff
    • Find him and bring him alive to Gerris to take back to Restov
  • Fang Berries for Bokken the wackjob
    – Completed

    • needs 7 at least
    • Found a long way to the south west, 50mi
  • Brother Jhod

    • Wants us to find and clear the temple of Erastil

Available Bounties

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