Stephanos Theodric Agrivar


- Description

  • Stephanos is a tall man of obvious Taldoran heritage, long black hair drawn back into a pony tail, and an old, deep scar that runs from hairline, across his left eye, down his throat and chest. He is very personable and charismatic, but always carries himself with an erect, almost rigid posture.

- House Agrivar

  • House Agrivar was once one of the great families of Brevoy. It was founded two centuries ago by Crius Lyasandros Agrivar, a Taldoran sellsword who fought with Choral the Conqueror in his campaigns to unify Brevoy. As a reward for his bravery and skill in battle, as one of Choral’s captains, he was made Count Agrivar and given estates on the northern shores of Lake Reykal, to the north and east of New Stetven.

    For two centuries the Agrivars served House Rogarvia with loyalty and distinction, but when the Rogarvia’s disappeared a decade ago, their loyalty became a curse. In the months that followed the disappearance, as the Surtovas closed their grip upon the nation, the Agrivars argued vehemently for a Regency to be established in order to hold the throne for the presumed, eventual return of the Rogarvia’s. Further, Count Agrivar argued the regency should be held by a neutral party, an Aldori Swordlord for a true Rogarvian heir.

    The proposition was initially met with varying degrees of scorn and derision, but Count Agrivar persisted. They had no connections with the Aldori and in fact had a reputation for opposition, even antagonism, to the independent Rostlanders and Aldori. So, as the months drew on, the motion began to grow in popularity amongst the nobility. This movement threatened to undo the machinations of the Surtovas.

    At first the Surtovas contented themselves with merely playing politics and bribery to cement their support. But as their actions became more venal, they saw that an example had to be made, lest two centuries of plotting be undone. So, under the cover of darkness, agents of the Surtovas struck, not with armies, but with assassins. In one bloody night, every member of the Agrivar family in residence at their estates in Arodkles, was murdered. Then, to cover their actions, the manor was set ablaze and the estates burned to the ground.

    In the wake of the massacre, no proof was presented nor even accusations made against the Surtovas, but the lesson had been most instructive, to oppose the Surtovas meant death. So, in the months that followed, the other Brevic nobles fell in line and Noleski Surtova was crowned king.

  • Family Members
    • Count Alexandros Elias Agrivar – Deceased.
    • Countess Demetria Anastaisa Medvyed Agrivar – Deceased
    • Sir Basileus Phillip Agrivar – Deceased, Eldest son
    • Lady Esmerelda Iandria Agrivar – Deceased, Eldest daughter
    • Sir Hernand Erasmus Agrivar – Deceased, Second son
    • Sir Stephanos Theodric Agrivar – Third son
    • Lady Crea Demetria Agrivar – Deceased, Second daughter

  • Family Motto
    • Duty, Honor, Loyalty

  • Family Crest
    • A sable dragon rampant on an argent field

- Personal History – Stephanos Theodric Agrivar

  • Stephanos Theodric Agrivar was born 24 years ago, the 3rd son of Count Stephanos Elias Agrivar. Agrivar family tradition held that 3rd sons would became either Priests or Soldiers, and so at age 8, Stephanos was sent to Lord Medvyed to begin training in his household as a knight.

    Stephanos began his training as a house page and by 12 he was squired to Lord Medvyed’s second son, Dmitiri. Dmitri was a tough but fair master who continually strove to live up to his lofty ideals about what it truly meant to be noble. Dmitri believed that nobility was not simply the authority to collect taxes and spend them on lavish furnishings. Instead he believed and taught that a noble was obligated to not merely spend those taxes wisely for the betterment of his realm. Further, that it was his duty to defend his people, even with his life if need be, and how he had come to these beliefs through his devotion to Erastil.

    Stephanos spent the next three years as Dmitri’s squire. During that time he followed him into a score of battles against bandits, brigands, and fell creatures that would prey upon House Medvyed’s lands and people. It was during one such excursion that the Surtova assassins struck as the final part of their plot against the Agrivars.

    Word reached the Medvyeds, in Stoneclimb, that a band of raiders out of the Icerimes had attacked a small village. Dmitiri immediately assembled a group of soldiers and set off in pursuit. When they arrived at the village it turned into an ambush set by the assassins. In the resulting ambush, the assassins were slain, but with a horrible price. Dmitri’s men were all slain or horribly wounded, including Stephanos. Dmitri himself was mortally wounded, but before his passing he extracted an oath from Stephanos to live up to the ideals he had been taught. Then with his dying breath, he knighted Stephanos and presented him with his own sword.

    The next 9 years were difficult ones for Stephanos. After the battle, Stephanos made his way back to his family’s home on the shores of Lake Reykal, only to find it in ruins. It then became apparent that the brigands were in fact assassins and that if he were not careful, more would come. So, gathering what he could, he set off to make his own way. Through most of the years he lived hand to mouth, working as a sellsword or armsman throughout southern Brevoy, and eventually settling for a time in a small Erastilian monastery of St. Ivarsons. Here he felt the calling of Erastil and learned to be more than just another sellsword, but to be a Paladin and to finally and fully embrace his calling as a protector of the weak. And it was there, two years later, that Stephanos heard the call from Restov for armsmen to help reclaim the Stolen Lands.

Stephanos Theodric Agrivar

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