Nuk - Child of the Stolen Lands


STR – 14 (+2) DEX – 14 (+2) CON – 13 (+1) INT – 15 (+2) WIS – 18 (+4) CHA – 12 (+1)

AC – 14 Touch – 12 Flat-Footed – 12

FORT – +4 REFL – +3 WILL – +7

Base Attack Bonus – +2 Spell Resistance – 0

CMB – +4 CMD – 16

Spear – +4, x3 P, 20 ft, Brace, 1d8 +2

Sling – +4, x2 B, 50 ft, 24, 1d4 +2

Unarmed – +4 B, 1d3 +2

Great Axe (Cold Iron) – +4, x3 S, 1d12 +2


Nuk’s story starts in the city of Restov. His father, Brion, was a well-known rogue and thief there. He was infamous for plaguing the aristocracy and the nobles of the land and Restov in general. Brion became such a menace that the nobles conspired together to create a bounty on Brion’s head. The bounty was so great and enticing that some of Brion’s closest friends and allies turned against him and he was finally betrayed and brought to the nobles for justice. While awaiting his eventual death at the gallows, Brion used all his roguish skills to escape his impending doom. Knowing that he couldn’t trust anyone, he decided to leave Restov and all he knew behind and wander the Stolen Lands in order to save his own skin.

The Stolen Lands was no place for a city-raised rogue. Brion had a hard time surviving against all the wild animals and rough landscape. Eventually, Brion came upon a group of brigands. He remembered the betrayal he experienced in Restov, but he was so very hungry and lonely out in the Stolen Lands. Brion took the chance to meet this group of brigands and possibly join their ranks. The group of brigands appeared friendly, or as friendly as brigands can be, to Brion. He was given food and some shelter and in return Brion promised to show them any skills that might be useful to them in all his years of roguery. That night, the brigands attempted to kill Brion in his sleep. You see, these brigands were really bounty hunters for the nobles of Restov. Their prey had literally fallen into their lap. Brion, still apprehensive about anyone, was not caught completely unaware. Brion was able to kill two of them, but not before becoming seriously wounded and running off into the forest. Running away as fast as he could, while he was bleeding to death, he finally collapsed against a tree, no longer able to go on. The remaining brigands came upon him and were about to finish him, when they were ripped apart by a savage bear.

The bear then turns into the form of an Orc female. She looks over Brion and attempts to heal his wounds. She takes Brion back to her hut, that was nearby and cleans Brion’s wounds and tries to keep him alive. She knows many skills with healing and she brings his bleeding to a stop. Brion rests there for many days, regaining his strength. Finally, Brion regains consciousness and talks with his savior. He is reluctant at first because of her appearance, Brion has never seen a full-blooded Orc before. Her name is Seyla. She has been living in the forest for as long as she can remember. Brion stayed with Seyla even after he regained his full strength and the two eventually fell in love with one another. Though, that is not to say that times were always good. Brion was accustomed to be thrown around occasionally if he made Seyla angry. But he was so grateful to her for all she did for him and with her he was able to survive out in the wilds of the Stolen Lands.

After a while, as these things do tend to happen, Seyla gave birth to a son and they named him Nuk. Nuk was shown the Druidic ways of his mother and learned of the lands outside of the Stolen Lands through tales told by his father. But things were not meant to be so happy for those you cross have long memories.

The nobles of Restov wouldn’t, couldn’t rest until they knew Brion was taken care of. They had to set an example and small bits of lawlessness were breaking out in Restov at the time, exacerbating the problem. The nobles once again conspired together to once and for all bring back Brion’s head and use it to quell the lawlessness. They hired the most vicious and capable group of bounty hunters they could find and sent them into the Stolen Lands. It was not long before they came upon the hut of Brion, Seyla, and Nuk. Nuk was out in the forest, looking for moon radishes, when the bounty hunters struck. Nuk was accustomed to being out in the dark, having night-vision, it was easier for him to find the moon radishes for his mother and at the time he was very capable in the forest. Nuk heard the roars of his mother’s bear form and the sound of fire and destruction raining down on the hut. He ran and ran, as fast as he could, but by the time he reached the hut it was destroyed and his mother lay dead on the ground, his father’s corpse mutilated for its head.

Nuk was filled with rage and vowed to find those responsible. So he left the Stolen Lands, using all the info that Brion told him about the civilized places. He found out about the bounty. He found out about the nobles. He found out about the bounty hunters. He found out about the betrayers. He heard it all, but by that time he understood the problem. It wasn’t the nobles or the bounty hunters, it was the culture. This civilization turned these people into horrible people, created an environment that allowed them to do horrible things. Nuk knew that if he killed the nobles or the brigands or even the betrayers of his father that his loved ones would not return. It would accomplish nothing. The problem was the civilization. He had to stop it, but how could he? It was just so large and powerful and everyone, everyone conspired to keep it around as though they couldn’t imagine a life without it.

Nuk, while trying to figure out what to do, heard about the drive towards the Stolen Lands, his home. He decided that he had to be a part of it, that was the only way he knew that he could protect his home lands from civilization. Even if he couldn’t stop civilization altogether, he could find places he could protect from civilization or die trying.


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