Kodar Nash


Henry Nash Jr. was born to Henry and Farren Nash, scholars who traveled all of the Inner Sea seeking to unravel mysteries across Golarion. Their particular interests in the Starstone brought them to Absalom for a time when Henry Junior was young. Sadly, tragedy befell the Nash family when on a visit to the Cathedral of Absalon an earthquake caused the bridge Henry and Farren were crossing to collapse. Having no other family in the area, Henry spent some months in the Absalom orphanage until one day he was sent for by his mother’s older brother, a master gunsmith in the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar.

Henry’s uncle Malcolm was a rather cold and disconnected man. His days and, in truth, the better part of his life had been spent making firearms of exquisite quality for the gunmarshals of Alkenstar. Never having married nor having any real interest in having a family, Henry’s presence was an adjustment for both. However, Malcolm cared greatly for his lost sister thus and felt obligated to take care of her son. Malcolm saw to it that Henry received a scholarly education in Alkenstar City and even took Henry as his apprentice in the art of making firearms.

As a way to escape the awkward silence ever present around his uncle, Henry threw himself into his academic studies. Henry studied as much as he could about the old days and the lands of Golarion. He read many stories of exploration and of adventures to untamed places often imagining what it would be like to rediscover lost places and old ruins. Having some aptitude in the building of things, the gunsmith apprenticeship served Henry very well. Uncle Malcolm taught Henry the complex metallurgy and alchemy necessary to produce firearms of high quality instruction – a far superior education than what Henry would have received in the Alkenstar Gunworks. When he produced a masterwork pistol on his own, Henry’s apprenticeship officially ended.

Finding the perpetual preparations for the defense of Alkenstar an obstruction to furthering his education and the desolate nearby region unlikely to still contain any ancient areas worth exploring, Henry decided to move on. Malcolm was not overly happy to have his apprentice leave so soon after reaching the ability to apply his craft but having seen his sister lured away by the mysteries outside of Alkenstar, he understood and wished Henry well without a surplus of emotion. Adopting the name “Kodar” after the far away mountain range he read of, Henry left Alkenstar spending the next couple of years wandering the continents – occasionally with groups that would have him – learning all he could. While recently in the north, word reached Kodar about the Swordlords of Brevoy seeking adventurers to explore a long-lost ruins adjacent to their territory. Kodar made his way to Brevoy with the hope of fulfilling his dreams of exploring a land steeped in lore and mystery.

Kodar Nash

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