Cadoc Moirallien


Cadoc is a tall (6’1”) and weighty (about 200 pounds) human male, possessing red hair, blue eyes, a lopsided smile, and a tankard full of ale.


When asked about his background in S. Brevoy, Cadoc straightens up and assumes a serious expression (an effect which is almost ruined by the numerous wine stains on his tunic). “I’m on a mission from God!” he exclaims solemnly.

“Officially, I have been sent by the the Southern Brevoy order of Cayden Cailean to spread the good deeds and words of our deity into the Stolen Lands” he mentions. “The head of our order, Old Friar Tuck himself gave me this sacred charge, which is unusually kind of him seeing as what happened before I left.” When questioned about this, Cadoc prefaces by explaining “Well, as you no doubt know, our god stands for Freedom, Strong Drink, and Bravery, and encourages mighty acts of all three!” “One night during our weekly homage, I may have indulged too much in Cayden’s 2nd commandment, and embarrassed Old Tuck in front of the entire order.”

As summarized, the incident involved the unsanctioned use of “permanent” charcoal pencils of various colors, two rolls of the Blessed toilet parchment, and the unscrupulous scroll-reading of a scrying spell on the Central Holy Projection Mirror in the Great Hall, showing the results in real-time!

Wiping a tear of mirth from his eye after recounting that last bit, Cadoc gives a slightly embarrassed smile and downs the rest of his Ale. “The next morning,” he says, “I was called in front of the Order’s High Council, where they charged me with this most sacred task.” “And so, here I am.”

Cadoc Moirallien

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