Session 1

    • 2/24

      • We recived a charter from Lord Noleski Surtova to explore and tame the Stolen Lands.
      • We departed from the city of Restov for Oleg’s trading post
    • 2/28

      • We arrived at Oleg’s Trading post.
      • Oleg, a human male, was unhappy/disappointed in our arrival, having expected a large contingent of guardsmen from Restov instead, however his wife Svetlana was much more excited at our arrival. They informed us that they had requested help from Restov because of being robbed by bandits who were going to arrive on the morning of March 1st.
      • After a meal we began planning for the next day’s attack.
    • 3/1

      • We awoke early to make final preparations.
      • Soon after dawn the bandits arrived. Oleg agreed to serve as a distraction and lured the bandits inside where we attacked.
      • The plan was working very well until Kodar fired some sort of infernal device that spooked the bandit’s horses, sending them stampeding about the compound.
      • In the end, we captured 3 of the bandits. Two were questioned and then executed, the third was kept prisoner for later interrogations.
      • From the bandits we learned of the Stag Lord and Kressel, both bandit leaders who were responsible for the attacks on Oleg’s. We also learned that Kressel and her camp were located somewhere along the Thorn River, while the Stag Lord resided in a fort farther to the south.
      • The executed bandits were hung from the walls of Oleg’s post as a warning to the other bandits about what would happen to them.
      • Afterwards Oleg became much more friendly and we learned that he, and others, were in need of considerably more assistance in the area.
    • 3/2

      • The final bandit was interrogated while waiting for the guardsmen from Restov to arrive.
    • 3/3

      • We began our exploration of the Stolen Lands.
      • The only significant discovery were a myriad of boar tracks.
      • We returned to Oleg’s trading post in the evening.
    • 3/4

      • We explored again to the west in hopes of locating the boar Tuskgutter but were unsuccessful.
      • During our explorations something began playing tricks on us, starting with an illusion placed upon a chipmonk that made it sound like an owlbear.
      • Later we encountered a large number of nests in a tree. Destin attempted to climb the tree but a grease spell was cast upon it, resulting in a rather embarassing fall.
      • Later we camped in the forest.
      • During the night an unknown magical reacture of very small size began to approach the camp, but was frightened off.
    • 3/5

      • In the morning, Vandamar, while going to relieve himself, was struck with an entangle spell.
      • Vandamar determined that the creatures were some sort of Fey and could perhaps be bribed. Therefore we left a sizeable quantity of food for them and thereafter had no problems with being harassed.
      • That evening we returned to Oleg’s where we discovered that 4 guardsmen had arrived, far short of the 30 that Oleg had assumed would come, and under the command of Kestin Gerris
      • We also received several new requests for assistance. Oleg wanted his wife’s ring returned, Svetlana wanted Moon raddishes for her husband, and Gerris wanted the bandit Falgrim Sneeg captured and returned to him.
    • 3/6

      • We set back out to explore, now heading south where we met a group of 4 rather excitable kobolds who were picking radishes and were busy consuming much of their find.
      • The Kobolds were willing to trade for a sizable quantity of radishes in return for a Pony, but were unwilling provide us with an introduction to their chief.
      • Stephanos fiddled with one of the Pony’s shoes, giving it a distinctive mark that was easy to track.
      • We then returned to Oleg’s to return the radishes, not wanting to carry them with us to visit Chief Sootscale.
    • 3/7

      • We headed south again to locate the kobold warrens, along the way spotting an enormous sycamore that the kobolds to considerable pain to avoid.
      • We camped that night in the wild where it turned bitterly cold and would have frozen had we not built a fire.
    • 3/8

      • In the morning we continued tracking the kobolds to their lair in an abandoned silver mine.
      • We ventured into the warren where we met Chief Sootscale who was overwrought at the loss of an idol to their god "Sharptooth". The idol had been stolen by the Mites, withwhom the kobolds were at war. In return for its recovery he would agree to an alliance.
      • While there, we also met the tribe’s shaman Tartook, a rather odd individual who was extremly angry at the loss of the idol and wanted the kobolds to recover it.
      • We then departed and returned to the giant sycamore tree that was above the Mite’s lair.
      • The lair itself was a near death trap, but we fought our way through, killing numerous mites along the way before encountering a giant tick being ridden by a mite!
      • Vandamar managed to stun several of the mites before he was almost killed by the tick, which gave him a horrible disease we would later learn. After a brief battle the mites were killed. We made a brief search of the room before Nuk decided it would be a good idea, for some utterly inexplicable reason, to push the ticks corpse into a crevase which in turn succeeded in awakening an enormous, monsterous centipede and drawing every remaining mite to us. At first both Nuk and Destin briefly fled, while Stephanos, Vandamar, and Kodar held the line and fought. A few moments after the battle with the centipede began a horde of Mites charged into the room and attacked us from behind. While Stephanos, Kodar, and Nuk fought the Centipede, Vandamar and Destin cut their way through the mites, and in the end the party managed to survive barely. Afterwards a brief discussion was held about depositing Nuk in the crevase and leaving him there. In the aftermath we recovered the ivory statue of Sharptooth for the Sootscales and freed Mikmek, a kobold.
      • Later, rather than remain in the Mite’s lair we returned to Oleg’s to rest.
    • 3/9

      • In the morning the Vandamar began showing signs of a nasty disease from the tick which sapped his strength enormously. So we journied to visit a local hermit named Bokken to see if he could provide any healing. He was unable to do so, but instead provided us with several minor healing potions.
      • After healing and recovering, we returned to the Sootscale’s warren and returned the idol too Chief Sootscale who promptly smashed it, declaring his people free of their "curse". He then ordered his kobolds to attack Tartook and they promptly tore him to pieces and afterwards asked that we take everything that once belonged to Tartook because it too was "cursed", including Svetlana’s lost ring and a large quantity of money and other things. Chief Sootscale also sent Mikmek with us to Oleg’s to serve as our ambassador.
      • We then returned to Oleg’s trading post.
    • 3/10

      • Upon returning to Oleg’s, Vandamar fell gravely ill and lapsed into unconsciousness.
      • We also met a new arrival, Father Jod, a traveling priest of Erastil who’d received a vision about coming to this area. He asked us to also locate and a ruined temple to Erastil in the area that is reputed to be guarded by an enormous bear.
      • While awaiting for Vandamar to recover, Kodar briefly departed to explore another area.
    • 3/11
      – 3/13

      • An enormous snow storm set in, trapping us in the trade post while awaiting for Vandamar to recover.
    • 3/14

      • A brief warm snap stops the storm and allows Kodar and Destin to travel to Bokken’s where they secured a cure for Vandamar in exchange for a favor.
    • 3/15

      • It continued to warm and Vandamar finally began to improve thanks to the medicine from Bokken.
    • 3/16

      • A final light snow falls while we remain at Oleg awaiting Vandamar’s recovery.
    • 3/17

      • Winter finally breaks and Vandamar continues to recover.
    • 3/18

      • A significant snowmelt and the arrival of a trapper who sold us a sizable quantity of food.
      • Vandamar was at last recovered enough to travel and we set out to Kressel’s camp on the Thorn River. After locating it, Destin and Kodar scouted the camp briefly, noting that a large number of bandits were in residence, including Kressel.
      • We then arranged ourselves with the majority of the party on the southside of the river while Stephanos was on the north. The party then snuck closer to ambush the bandits, but were interupted by an undiscovered bandit in a tree blind who was able to sound a warning. A viscious battle then broke out where Destin was briefly taken out of the fight before being healed by Nuk and Stephanos was nearly killed by Kressel. However she was rendered unconscious by Vandamar and the remaining bandits immediately surrendered in exchange for her execution, something Destin was only too happy to do.

        We took the remaining bandits prisoner and briefly interrogated them, learning that the Stag Lord was a viscious man, able to crush a skull with his bare hands and a master shot with a long bow, and a murderous drunk. We then returned to Oleg’s with a large haul of loot and our bandit prisoners.

    End Session 1



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